This paper examines the role of yoga therapy in comprehensive integrative pain management (CIPM). The pain crisis is described, and how yoga therapists can contribute to its solution is explained. Yoga therapy can be an essential component of the multidisciplinary undertaking that will be required to improve patient outcomes and alter the trajectory of the global public health crisis constituted by an epidemic of poorly understood and inadequately addressed pain. Additional context and evidence are presented to document the effectiveness of yoga therapy interventions to support people living with pain. The white paper concludes by listing recommendations to providers, consumers, payers, and legislators, who together can address systemic and structural barriers to CIPM, as well as suggestions for enabling the yoga therapy profession to more fully participate in these solutions.

Source: White Paper: Yoga Therapy and Pain—How Yoga Therapy Serves in Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management, and How It Can Do More | International Journal of Yoga Therapy

How Can Yoga Help?

This is a great read for those wondering how Yoga Therapy can help with pain relief. I’ve found anecdotally, that Yoga Therapy is one of the best tools for managing both acute and chronic pain.  Through movement, breath, mindful awareness and compassion training, we can bring about great ease in our body and mind. Here is a free guide to pain.

If you’d like to go deeper, this free training is geared towards Yoga Therapy for back pain and spinal health.


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