When the Roses Speak, I Pay Attention
“As long as we are able to
be extravagant we will be
hugely and damply
extravagant. Then we will drop
foil by foil to the ground. This
is our unalterable task, and we do it
And they went on, “Listen,
the heart-shackles are not, as you think,
death, illness, pain,
unrequited hope, not loneliness, but
lassitude, rue, vainglory, fear, anxiety,
Their fragrance all the while rising
from their blind bodies, making me
spin with joy.
Mary Oliver

Dear Reader,

I just returned from a transformative retreat in Scotland (see some pics at the end of this email) with the enigmatic Kavitha Chinnaiyan. The rugged and stunning landscapes, with their vast open spaces, reminded my heart what it feels like to truly coexist with nature. Our intimate group of 15 women delved deep into transformative practices, unraveling old patterns based on vasanas, karmas, and samskaras. We confronted and released deeply rooted beliefs and behaviors. Vasanas are our habitual tendencies, karmas are the actions and their results that shape our lives, and samskaras are the mental impressions and conditioning we carry. By addressing these elements, we were able to achieve profound healing and clarity, making space for new, positive patterns to emerge.

A friend shared Mary Oliver’s poem “When the Roses Speak, I Pay Attention” and it resonates so deeply with me. Her words beautifully capture the essence of living the practice, joyfully embracing every moment, and shedding what no longer serves us. Just as the roses drop their petals, we too must let go of our own burdens and constraints – the heart-shackles of of our core lack stories. This retreat allowed me to do just that, to drop layers of old patterns and embrace a more authentic and joyful way of being.

Being in the homeland of my ancestors, with its potent fae energies, was a deeply enriching experience. Exploring Orgasmic Alchemy with such a brilliant teacher of Tantra was both enlightening and grounding. Tantra, a sacred path of devotion to life, teaches us to find the sacred in the mundane and to immerse ourselves in the present moment fully.

I’m thrilled to share some of the healing practices that have been most beneficial to me with you, dear Reader. In this edition, you’ll find a luxurious Rose Coconut Milk Bath recipe, a refreshing Saffron Lemonade, and a guide to Sheetali Pranayama along with my newest blog post on slow wave sleep!

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Looking forward to connecting with you and sharing this beautiful journey.

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Practice | Sheetali Pranayama


Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine.Roll your tongue into a tube and inhale slowly through the mouth.Hold the breath for a few seconds.Exhale slowly through the nose.Repeat this cycle for 5-10 minutes.

Cools the Body: Helps reduce body temperature, making it ideal for hot climates or after intense physical activity.

Calms the Mind: Promotes mental tranquility and reduces stress and anxiety.

Detoxifies: Aids in detoxification by improving digestion and cleansing the blood.

Improves Focus: Enhances concentration and mental clarity.

Rose Coconut Milk Divine Bath


2 cups coconut milk

1 cup rose petals (fresh or dried)

1 cup Epsom salts

10 drops rose essential oil


Fill your bathtub with warm water.

Add the coconut milk, rose petals, Epsom salts, and rose essential oil to the bath.

Stir the water to disperse the ingredients.

Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes, allowing the soothing properties to nourish your skin and spirit.

Saffron Lemonade

A summer favorite!


Gently Detoxifies

Cools Your Mind

 Nourishes all three doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha

New Blog! The Power Of Slow Wave Sleep

While I was at the airport waiting for my layover, I had an incredible conversation with a sleep neuroscientist. It was absolutely fascinating! She delved deep into the intricacies of slow wave sleep, which made me reflect on how beneficial Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and Yoga Nidra are for enhancing our sleep quality. Check out my new blog post on this.

A little bit of Scotland