Jeanette has a deep healing nature. Her Thai massages are heavenly. They always leave me feeling great for days and practically speaking the alleviate the discomfort I experience in my back due to degeneration of the spinal vertebrate. So she is amazing and you would be giving yourself a great gift if you got a Thai massage from this brilliant woman.

Sudha Allitt, Ph. D

Jeanette has gifted hands, and leaves everyone she touches knowing that they are whole on every level. A massage with Jeanette is more than therapeutic. She is a genius.

Trish West-Low, PT, MA, DPT, PCS

Jeanette showed me how to heal invisible wounds. She helped me also with back pain and left me with new ways to stay healthy.

Peter Gonzales

A natural healer with an intuitive practice. I was relieved of a chronic tightness and discomfort that months of yoga failed to alleviate. In my first session with Jeanette, I was relieved of this and the results lasted over three weeks before returning! Truly amazing, she is my “go to” for Thai massage. I have since referred many of my friends as well.

Mike Rodriguez

Jeanette has truly been an inspiration in my life. She is spiritual and so uplifting. She has given me a feeling of self-worth and has instilled a positive attitude towards life in general. Jeanette seems to have prepared her entire life to enhance the quality of life for everyone she touches. She is a gift…a true gem. No matter what road lies ahead she will always be an attribute in everything she pursues. People will be blessed having her in their lives…I can only give the highest accolades to a teacher, from a teacher who has taught young children my entire life. Her preparation and dedication is truly admirable. Her pursuit of sharing her insights cannot be a greater goal in this life. May you always remain a shining light in my life.

Linda Lytell

I have been attending Jeanette Sealy’s Yoga class for only a short time and can already say that it is unequivocally the most relaxing, meditative Yoga I have experienced. I have been attending other Yoga classes steadily for the last 10 years and this is truly restorative. Jeanette has patience, explains things on all levels, attends to each of us individually and generally gives me a feeling of well being. Everyone I speak with after class has the same feeling. She truly knows her calling and imparts it to others. I am sure she will bring strength and peace to all she encounters.

Florie Rosenberg

I have studied yoga for many years and had many teachers, but I have never encountered anyone quite like her. I think she is exceptionally talented and touches people in a very unique way. Jeanette teaches yoga at many different levels in the same class, depending on each student’s need. Her students are older and have many physical limitations, Jeanette addresses each and every student as if they were the only one in the class. Her love of yoga is almost palpable and she conveys this to each person. Each class is made up of different assanas (spelling?) that always vary from week to week. She always inquires If anyone has a specific problem that week and then proceeds to tailor postures to help. No matter how anyone feels when they walk into that room, they are transformed by the end of the session. You can see it on each and every face. Jeanette is very spiritual and truly an inspiration to all of her students. I feel truly blessed that she came into my life. There aren’t enough words to convey how much she is treasured by her students.

Lana Kessler

I wanted to share with you that I always find inspiration with your posts. Your presence provides an unexplained peace for me. I have tried to embrace relaxation techniques over the years but have never worked hard enough to allow them to provide the results I seek. I meditated tonight for 20 minutes and had a minor breakthrough. Thanks for unknowingly showing an old friend the strength to keep trying. My best to you.

Brian F.

I just finished my second thai yoga massage with Jeanette Sealy. I am once again floating, relaxed, with energy radiating spherically outward in all directions. I’m also wondering where the time went. It’s rare and precious to find a practitioner of any art, who approaches their craft with such a high degree of consciousness, and performs with such a high degree of sensitivity and confidence. Jeanette effortlessly demonstrates the power of Thai Yoga Massage; love literally emits through her touch. I personally see her as a master of this healing art—though, in her commitment to being nothing more than a clear channel for a centuries-old transmitted lineage, she herself would never identify as such. I’d be willing to tell anyone, that one of the greatest acts of self-love a person can perform, is to schedule a session with Jeanette.

Daniel Abbott E-RYT

Want to feel god’s love… Get a massage from Jeanette. Relax, rejuvenate, heal. She is a gifted and skilled masseuse. Go ahead, love yourself . Give yourself the pleasure.

Tim Murphy

I have been receiving metta, loving kindness, in the form of Thai Yoga, from Jeanette for over a year now. She is an intuitive Being whose every touch is filled with a deep peaceful intention toward healing. She has an excellent understanding of the human body and is well educated in all aspects of her art. That being said she is also humble enough to realize that the learning never ends and she is always enthusiastically discovering more and more helpful sequences for her clients, including me. I can not say enough how the Thai sessions I experience with Jeanette have helped to sooth the chronic muscle contraction I experience in my low back as a result of advanced degenerative arthritis. I am forever grateful that such a beautiful Being has shared this path and these healing techniques with me. OM


I want you to know that Ed and I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from the opportunity to practice with you. We both find your classes both relaxing and nourishing. I come away with a feeling of peace and stability and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. It has improved our lives.”

Pat Halligan