Dear Reader,

I hope this message greets you in a state of radiant health and happiness. As a valued member of our alumni family, your presence in our community is deeply cherished. Reconnecting with you is always a highlight for me. Today, I’m thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you.

Presenting our Ayurvedic Cleanse Alumni Special – a carefully crafted journey created especially for you, aiming to invigorate, rejuvenate, and renew your core being from within. This distinctive program is deeply rooted in ancient traditions, yet impeccably customized for today’s individual in pursuit of equilibrium and vitality.

Why Embark on an Ayurvedic Cleanse? An Ayurvedic Cleanse isn’t just about detoxification; it’s a profound journey back to your innate wellness and clarity. It’s a chance to reset your digestive system, clear your mind, and renew your spirit. With the change of seasons, there’s no better time to align with nature’s rhythms and deeply nourish your body and soul.

What’s Included?

  • Personalized Consultation: Begin with a one-on-one session to tailor your cleanse to your unique constitution.
  • Customized Cleanse Plan: This personalized approach is designed to meet you exactly where you are in your wellness journey, taking into account your unique body constitution, lifestyle, and wellness goals.
  • Supportive Workshops: In addition to our weekly calls, you’ll be invited to join exclusive workshops that complement your cleanse, ranging from cooking classes to meditation sessions, aimed at enhancing your experience and knowledge.
  • Community Support: Embark on this journey alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals, including fellow alumni and Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Post-Cleanse Guidance: Conclude your cleanse with actionable insights and personalized recommendations to maintain your newfound clarity and vitality.

Special Offer for Our Alumni As a token of our appreciation for your continued support and to welcome you back into this transformative experience, we’re offering an exclusive discount for our alumni – get $100 off when you sign up for the Ayurvedic Spring Renewal. Details along with your unique code, can be found below.

How to Join Ready to renew your commitment to holistic health? Register for our Ayurvedic Cleanse Special by March 30th. Space is limited, and our alumni spots fill up quickly, so we encourage you to secure your place soon.

Your journey towards rejuvenation awaits, and we can’t wait to support you every step of the way. Let’s embrace the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda together and unlock the doors to enhanced well-being and vitality.

With Love and Gratitude,


P.S. Remember, this journey is not just about cleansing your body but revitalizing your entire being. Join us, and let’s rediscover wellness together.

Special Alumni Discount Code: CLEANSEALUMNI

Register Here: https://courses.jeanettesealy.com/ayurvediccleanse