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Ayurvedic Post Partum Care
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Jeanette Sealy Ayur Doula


I’m Jeanette, a mother of four beautiful children, a Yoga Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Ayurvedic Practitioner. I’m a guide, and soul tender to women in transition.

I believe we need the support of the village to create the kind of new earth we envision. Mothers, children, families, and communities – all benefit when there is deep support during these times of transformation. The care cannot fall to just one person.

It’s my life’s mission to change this paradigm. To bring about the conscious evolution of our souls through deep allyship, nourishment, and support. To lean in when need be and to be held.

Some of my life’s hardest moments showed me the gratitude and sacredness of sisterhood. The circles we build around ourselves create continuity for healing, positivity, and awakened living.

Jeanette Sealy



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What we do

Sacred Window Care

Now more than ever, new mothers are rushed through postpartum. They’re encouraged to start working, exercising, and managing the household as soon as possible. Companies advertise diet teas and workout routines so that they can “get their body back”, and celebrities with personal chefs and trainers try to convince us that every mom can “bounce back” after giving birth. In Hollywood and the media, new parents are portrayed as grumpy, exhausted, and tense with one another. Why do we approach postpartum, this magical period of time, with disdain and impatience? It doesn’t have to be this way!

“When mothers thrive, families thrive.”


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Choose which elements you would like as part of your postpartum care time. The four pillars are rest, body care, herbal support and nutrition. We offer support for each pillar.


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TLC Care Packages

Sacred Beginnings

Customizable care packages for new mothers. Ayurvedic support for the first 42 days after birth. Create a beautiful start to a mother’s journey. We can work with any budget. Care usually includes warm oil massage for Momma and baby, belly binding, herbal teas, ceremonial baths, nutritional support through Ayurvedic meal prep and food delivery, lactation support and Reiki/ Aromapoint Therapy. When Momma feels nourished, baby is nourished

Sacred Window Care

Jeanette was wonderful to work with postpartum! She went above and beyond and did things I didn’t even know would be beneficial.  I’m incredibly grateful she dropped things off at the hospital so I could start healing immediately. It was one of the things that honestly made me feel better  because I knew I was putting things into my body that were good for it immediately after and this helped me relax a little bit. I really loved the date drink and thought that was a great addition since I went overdue. I loved the bodywork all of postpartum. I think every Mama should consider working with her to heal themselves after birth.

Stephanie Wigner

Owner Circle Of Life Chiropractic

Each postpartum home care visit lasts approximately 2.5-3 hours and includes:


+ Yoga Therapy for pelvic health, emotional support, and deep rest

+ Herbal oil massage for baby as tolerated

+ 75 minutes Abhyanga warm herbal oil massage for Mom

+ Belly binding and herbal bath

+ 1 Four Course Organic Ayurvedic Meal per week including herb-infused snacks, medicinal teas, warming broths, grains, and seasonal vegetables (3-4 servings)


+ Every New Momma Care Package includes:

+ Medicated Panchakola Ghee – a deeply rejuvenative ghee to take immediately after delivery and the first week after birth

+ Herbal teas: sweet water lactation tea and Momma’s milk tonic

+ Digestive aids such as garlic chutney, savory digestive chewing herbs

+ Weekly snacks – to be decided on together

+ Three 100% muslin cotton belly binding cloths

+ Specially prepared Abhyanga oil for self-massage/ belly and baby care

+ Herbal Baths

+ Post Partum Care Guide and Cook Book PDF

+ Optional add-on support if needed (additional massages, ghee for sore nipples, herbs for sits baths and perineal support, Shirodhara oil treatment for a calm mind and peaceful sleep).


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