Summer – the season of play, expansion, heightened energy, long nights, and longer days. Pitta is the dosha comprised of fire and water and it is at its peak in the summer months. In Ayurveda, like increases like, and opposites bring balance so we want to offset the intensity and sharpness of the heat with things that soothe, cool, and nourish.


Summer is a time of depletion according to Ayurveda – our digestion becomes weaker, ojas is depleted and overall, the heat has a taxing effect on our physiology. So what can we do?


Here are my favorite tips to beat the summer heat and stay balanced and nourished during this season of fire.


1. Ayurvedic Daily Routine – the first part of every Ayurvedic consultation I offer begins with establishing a supportive daily routine – called dinacharya. In the summer, we want to make sure we are asleep no later than 11 pm. Put away the screens, establish a solid sleep ritual, and get to bed before the pitta hours kick in (10 pm-2 am). Eat your largest meal between 10 am and 2 pm.

2. Food Choices – favor sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes. Foods like cucumber, melon, berries, artichokes, zucchini, watercress, collard greens, asparagus, mung beans, rice, barley, and even dairy can be supportive this time of year. Enjoy herbs such as mint, fennel, coriander seed, basil, cardamom, and cilantro. Avoid iced and super cold drinks and foods, as they can further dampen the already compromised agni (inner fire of digestion and assimilation). Bitter ghee, called tikta ghrita, is another wonderful balm for summertime.

3. Body Care – Perform daily Abhyanga – self warm oil massage with Brahmi oil. Follow with a shower and finish with a cold rinse. Spray your eyes and face with rose water. Use sweet and cooling essential oils like jasmine, sandalwood, and rose. Rinse and massage your feet with oil before bed.

4. Surya and Chandra Trataka  – sun gazing and moon bathing. Take a walk at sunrise and practice sun-gazing at sunset. Bathe under the moonlight soaking in the softening rays of the moon. Utilize the rhythms and cycles of nature to bring about inner harmony and balance.

5. Metta Meditation and Mindfulness Practice – practice softening. Work a little less, take mindful moments every hour to simply breathe and notice your body, practice loving-kindness meditation.

With subtle seasonal shifts and attention to what is coming through the five senses, we can greet each season with balance and ease.

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