Yoga Therapy

300 Hour

Foundations Training

12 Month Journey


Discover The True Heart Of Yoga

Who This Is For


This training is designed for Yoga teachers and healthcare professionals who are interested in going beyond the superficial scope of Yoga in the west.


It is for those with 2 years of dedicated Yoga practice looking to deepen their understanding and application of Yoga Chikitsa.


This is for you if you’re seeking to deepen you practice, refine your teaching and access the powerful capacity for transformation Yoga offers.


This is for you if you’ve been longing to bring Vedic teachings for illumination, transformation and awakening to your own life and those you serve.


This is for you if you’re seeking to share Yoga with underserved populations, in an accessible and sustainable way.


300YTT Yoga Therapy Foundations Training

Deepen Your Understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

for a fuller, healthier, happier life.

This comprehensive 300-hour Yoga Therapy Foundations Training is a year-long deep dive for Yoga teachers and Healthcare professionals looking to deepen their understanding of Yoga Chikitsa.

Sit with expert teachers on Yoga Therapeutics and receive authentic teachings in the wisdom of these ancient traditions.  Weaving together the wisdom of our esteemed faculty to provide Yoga teachings, functional anatomy, and biomechanics, Yoga for healthcare, pre and postnatal, trauma-informed teaching, and embodied social justice.

Discover how they bring us into the living embodiment of the practice.

300 YTT Core Curriculum
Yoga NIdra a woman in Yogic sleep
Nad Yoga - The Yoga of sound Prana and the subtle body
Restorative Yoga - an image of a woman in a prone restorative yoga pose. Her body is gently resting over a green bolster. She has black hair and has her eyes closed.

Module One

  • Welcome and Introduction to Course
  • Mantras for Wisdom and Knowledge with Kaya Mindlin
  • Yoga Physics begins with Alexandria Crow
  • Foundations of Ayurveda with Jeanette

Module Two

  • Supreme Release Yoga studio begins with Kaya Mindlin
  • Yoga Chikitsa with Jeanette Sealy
  • Demystifying Karma with Kaya Mindlin

Module Three

  • Ayurvedic Life with Nidhi Pandya
  • Sanskrit Pronunciation with Kaya
  • Pain and Injury Recovery with Jeanette

Module Four

  • Somatic Centering with Jeanette
  • Nectar of Patanjali with Kaya
  • Fertility to Childcare Elective with Nidhi

Module Five

  • Yoga for Grief and Trauma Recovery with Swamini
  • Ayurvedic Birth Prep with Sarva
  • Yoga Chikitsa with Jeanette

Module Six

  • Embodied Social Justice Abigail Rose Clarke
  • Trauma and Resilience with Jeanette Sealy
  • Ashtanga Hridayam Elective with Nidhi Pandya

Module Seven

  • Somatic Restorative with Melissa Smith
  • Yoga Chikitsa with Jeanette

  • SRY Studio with Kaya

  • Ashtanga Hridayam with Nidhi

Module Eight

  • Yoga in Healthcare with Jeanette Sealy
  • Adhikara Yoga
  • Nectar of Nidra with Kaya

Module Nine

  • Marma Chikitsa with Jeanette
  • Research Literacy with Jeanette
  • Nectar of The Gita Elective with Kaya

Module Ten

  • Savasana intensive with Melissa Smith
  • Yoga in Healthcare Mentorship with Jeanette 

Module Eleven

  • The Therapeutics of Yin with SwaminiJi
  • The Art of Assists with Jeanette

Module Twelve

  • Practicum Review with Jeanette Sealy
  • Closing retreat at Kula Kamala Ashram (hybrid event virtual and in-person options)
Modular Electives 300 hour YTT

Nectar Of The Gita
with Kaya Mindlin

Nectar Of Nidra with Kaya Mindlin

Somatic Restorative Immersion with Melissa Smith

Yoga in Healthcare – Yoga Chikitsa and Ability-Based Care with Jeanette Sealy

Essence of the Ashtanga Hridayam – with
Nidhi Pandya

Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda for Perinatal Care and Womb Health

Meet The Faculty 300YTT
Mentored and Lovingly Curated by Jeanette Sealy

Mentored and Lovingly Curated by Jeanette Sealy


Jeanette is a Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner, earth tender, and Mother to 4 incredible teachers. Described as “a natural healer with an intuitive practice”, she has spent decades discovering how to heal the schisms between the mind, body, and spirit and is on a lifelong journey to perfect this art. Her philosophy begins with the belief that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind, and that the ancient art of yoga enhances well-being on every level. She offers a synergistic blend of Eastern and Western modalities including Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Thai Massage, Acupoint Therapy, modern Anatomy, Neuroscience, Physiology, and Biomechanics with a strong focus on healthy aging, injury, illness, and trauma recovery. She has been mentoring teachers for close to a decade to help them elevate, align and create practices that are deeply support and nourishing to those they serve.

Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati

Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati


With thousands of hours of advanced study in Spirituality, Yoga, Yoga Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Vedic Counseling, SwaminiJi has been honored to serve a diverse array of individuals and communities. These include, but are not limited to typical students of all ages, mental health staff and their clients, at-risk youth and their families, individuals with special needs, patients in and out of hospitals, and hospital staff.

SwaminiJi’s degrees include AAS Paralegal Technology, BA in Political Science, BS in Evolutionary Anthropology, MA in Anthropology, and Ph.D. in Anthropology (expertise in Biological Anthropology). She has held the position of Professor of Yoga and Meditation (Georgian Court University) and Professor of Cultural and Evolutionary Anthropology (Temple University and Monmouth University) and she has published scholarly articles on ancient diet and its relationship to health, disease, and socio-political issues.

Kaya Mindlin

Kaya Mindlin


Kaya is a go-to teacher for those seeking mature practice, meaningful philosophy and authentic pedagogy. She is a lineage holder and steward of the yoga tradition who’s dharma is to lovingly pass on what she has learned. She may be the teacher YOUR teacher studies with. Teaching the mystical and practical full spectrum of yoga for over 20 years, Kaya’s background includes 3,000 hours of formal study with masters of the Veda Tradition.

Her approach threads storytelling, healing Yoga Therapy, Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, Vedanta, Sanskrit, Mantra and Tantra. Her ability to make traditional teachings powerfully meaningful for modern life resonates with students seeking mature teaching and practice. Her warm, nurturing and layered approach help students to deepen their lives in every way. Programs with Kaya are intricately organized for depth and meaning, yet she remains responsive to individual needs of her students moment to moment.

Alexandria Crow

Alexandria Crow

Founder of Yoga Physics Universal Design ™

Alexandria is an internationally respected teachers’ teacher who leads teacher trainings and workshops around the world. Through her Yoga Physics methodology, she aims to clearly explain the whats, whys, and hows of asana, meditation and yogic philosophy, making the practice approachable for everyone, of every level and of every walk of life. She shares this knowledge with her students and other teachers so they can practice and teach wisely, sustainably and mindfully.

Years of research, scientific inquiry, self-inquiry/scrutiny, development, and integration have gone into Alex’s work. The result is an evolved set of techniques and approaches that eliminate the problematic components of physical asana practices and group classes while providing an in-depth understanding of how individual teachers situate themselves within these dynamics.

Nidhi Pandya

Nidhi Pandya

Third Generation Ayurvedic Practitioner

Raised in Mumbai by her grandfather who was an Ayurvedic Healer, the principles of Ayurveda are deeply etched into Nidhi’s psyche. They have become an intuitive and natural part of her lifestyle. Nidhi started studying some of the Eastern Shashtras at a young age and has continued to study Ayurveda formally from the ancient texts of Carak Samhita and Ashtang Hrudayam at Shubham Ayurveda. Having developed a deep understanding of the authentic principles, Nidhi seeks to apply them to our modern-day lifestyle, food, and diseases. “Wellness to me means aligning your body and mind to only consume what nourishes you on both levels. This can only happen when you truly understand your body and are able to tune in to your mind.”

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith


Melissa, Yoga Alliance ERYT® 500 Educator in Restorative and Sustainable Yoga, International yoga retreat leader, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias caregiver advocate, and Mindfulness in Schools

Educator. Native Texan, Melissa currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she operates a boutique studio, Pranava Yoga Studio.

She is the founder and Executive Director of Caregiver Wellness Retreats which hosts day-long wellness retreats in person and online for free for caregivers of Alzheimer’s in Houston, Santa Fe, Park City, and Calgary.

Abigail Rose

Abigail Rose

E-RYT500, Creator of The Embodied Life Method™

Abigail Rose Clarke is a somatic educator focusing on strategic, tangible, embodied methods to create lasting change in our personal and communal lives, rippling out from individual to systemic change. By helping people truly inhabit their own skin and blood and guts and bones she offers a way to re-enter into true relationship with the world.

Abigail holds a degree in Health Behavior from Smith College, and focused her undergraduate work on the use of mind-body modalities in the treatment of anxiety disorders as classified by the DSM-V. Her work focuses on the class and race access barriers to wellness, and the ways wellness and the wellness industry are inherently political, even as the body transcends politics.

In 2014 Abigail began developing The Embodied Life Method™. Abigail teaches embodiment as a practice and a responsibility. Only when we are willing to be present with the world and ourselves and one another does the way forward become possible.


Sarva Blackwell

Sarva Blackwell

Founder Inner Sun & Moon

Sarva-mangala Devi Dasi (Sarva Blackwell) is a birthkeeper and mother of 2 precious souls with baby #3 joyfully expected to arrive in January 2023. She is formally initiated into the Gaudiya Vaisnava spiritual lineage which has its roots in the practice of Bhakti yoga & living a Vedic lifestyle. Her divine purpose in this life revolves around caring for the mothers & babies of Earth through sacred Ayurvedic & herbal traditions.
Sarva merges her extensive training in doula & birth work, Ayurvedic maternal & newborn health, naturopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, polarity therapy, marma chikitsa, and holistic living to bring a unique perspective to the birth & postpartum world.
She discovered a passion for teaching in more recent years, and has now trained hundreds of Ayurvedic postpartum doulas all over the world.
Dawn Ross

Dawn Ross


Dawn brings an amazing balance of academic knowledge & intuitive wisdom to her teaching. Her greatest strength is embodying creative curiosity toward working with the body & teaching others how to approach body-mind connectedness with the same exploratory openness.
She listens with open ears & an open heart as she guides her students & clients into their own grounded knowing. Dawn’s approach encourages her students & clients to be active in their own journey, building body confidence, trust, physical relief, and resiliency.

Dawn’s way of listening, encouraging, and fostering growth allows her students & clients to heal, learn, and trust the wisdom of their own physical asana & movement practice. Dawn has been mentoring IAYT certifying yoga therapists since 2014.

A Message From Kaya

We come to yoga hungry for healing and wisdomSadly, yogaland limits “yoga” to athleticism, achievement, avoidance or aesthetics, keeping authentic yoga hidden from view. True yoga is a nectar that removes the pain of the human condition at its root and reveals the supreme essence of your being. A practitioner of yoga becomes deeply self-satisfied and available for your life. My purpose is to weave a rich tapestry that honors the Nectar of Yoga’s promise so that you can lovingly transform your practice and life. 


The roots of Bhakti Yoga [image of a person's right hand performing japa with an oil lamp and rudruksha beads

What You Receive

1. Authentic teachings

For dedicated students who want to understand the Vedic tradition and Yoga Chikitsa from wisdom keepers and stewards of the tradition.

2. A heart-centered guide

Weekly teacher’s circles, group seva project, and 1:1 mentorship throughout the year-long program.

3. Access to the online portal

You will receive immediate access to pre-recorded content, the SRY Studio portal, and Kula Membership. You have 1.5 years to complete the entire program plus practicum.  You will retain access for 3 years after program completion.

4. Invitation to Closing Retreat

Hybrid graduation offering both virtual and in-person options at the beautiful Kula Kamala Ashram in Alsace, Pa with Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati and Jeanette Sealy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Pre-requisites?

Students must have 3 years of dedicated Yoga practice to apply for the program. You do not have to currently be a teacher.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full training is $4,695. There may be an additional cost for electives and in-person graduation. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

Is It All Online?

It is all online with the option for hybrid virtual and in-person sessions for some of the modules. There will also be an in-person graduation retreat at Kula Kamala Ashram for those who wish to attend for an additional cost of room and board.

What Are The Requirements For Certification?

To receive the certificate, you must complete the entire 300-hour training within the allotted timeframe and submit the required homework/ practicum assignments for each module.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Course?

You have 1 year to fully complete the course and an additional 6 months for the practicum review.

Is This Program Accredited?

We are approved providers International Assoication of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance.  We are applying for accreditation with both certification bodies and expect the results before the program begins.


Are you ready to deepen your practice? Join the waitlist, and stay in the know. Enrollment opens again in September 2023.