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Welcome, Beautiful,

A warm welcome to your radiant heart.


Your body holds ancient wisdom and narratives waiting to be heard and honored through the rhythms of Ayurveda and the gentle exploration of movement, breath and presence


So many of us are awakening to the vital need for a calm, regulated nervous system in these times of change. It’s becoming clear: our greatest endeavor is to nurture ourselves with such depth that flourishing becomes our natural state. This journey of healing goes beyond the individual, touching the collective with tender care, inviting us to mend our shared traumas and to hold each other in a community of care.

Now is the moment to heal our planet, to unlock the boundless potential within us, and to tread the path of life with eyes wide open, hearts attuned to the pulse of the universe.

Yoga emerges as a sacred key in this journey of evolution. It offers more than just a practice; it is a profound exploration of self, a way to intimately know our inner worlds. Through Yoga, we learn to greet ourselves—and, by extension, the world—with an immense love and compassion that transforms the very fabric of our being.




Embrace this ancient wisdom, this gentle yet powerful practice, and watch as it illuminates the path to your most awakened, compassionate self. Together, let’s step into a future where each breath, each movement, is a testament to our love for ourselves, each other, and the Earth that nurtures us all.

Upcoming Offerings

300 Hour Yoga Therapy In Healthcare

For Yoga Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, and Avid Students of Yoga this comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training with world-renowned teachers and stewards of the tradition will help you bring trauma informed, authentic Yoga to your community.

Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

Discover how the 42 days after birth set you up for the next 42 years of life. Nutrition, bodycare, rest and herbal support help make the postpartum window a time of bliss not struggle. Offering sacred window care to help Momma and baby thrive.

Jeanette Sealy teaching Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy Mentorship

This Yoga Therapy mentorship empowers you with knowledge, practical application, support, and community integration to take your teaching and practice to the next level. A year long journey into living your Yoga. Refine, connect, and be inspired.

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Love Notes

“I invited Jeanette to teach in our professional training programs and to provide her own trainings through my organization, Kula Kamala Foundation. Jeanette has offered intelligent instruction, guidance and commentary on topics ranging from anatomy to spirituality, and from the complexities of pain and suffering to the efficacy of holistic modalities as aids in healing and awakening to our human potential. She consistently interacts with students in a way that they have said “makes complicated topics easier to understand”, “is joyful and fun but also grounded” and “offers great insights into the anatomy of Yoga.” Students have continually shared that they enjoy and benefit from their time with Jeanette. They, and I, see her as an inspiring, compassionate, and intelligent person and teacher, who has much to share with others. Especially those who are seeking to become truly skilled as teachers of Yoga.”

Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati , Ph. D

Founder, Kula Kamala Ashram and Foundation

Jeanette’s students were all just so amazed by the gentleness and the soothing voice and the strong leadership that Jeanette led with. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in all different healing domains and Yogic traditions. Study Yoga with her and enjoy every moment.

Avital Schreiber Levy

Founder, The Parenting Junkie

Jeanette has gifted hands, and leaves everyone she touches knowing that they are whole on every level. A session with Jeanette is more than therapeutic. She is a genius.

Trish West-Low, PT, MA, DPT, PCS

Educator and Therapist, Children's Specialized Hospital

Jeanette holds space for all of her students so beautifully. Anyone who gets a chance to work with her will come away with new perspective and healing.

Angela Sidlo

Author, Founder , Waves of Change Wellness

Jeanette has truly been an inspiration in my life. She is spiritual and so uplifting. She has given me a feeling of self-worth and has instilled a positive attitude towards life in general. Jeanette seems to have prepared her entire life to enhance the quality of life for everyone she touches. She is a gift…a true gem. No matter what road lies ahead she will always be an attribute in everything she pursues. People will be blessed having her in their lives…I can only give the highest accolades to a teacher, from a teacher who has taught young children my entire life. Her preparation and dedication is truly admirable. Her pursuit of sharing her insights cannot be a greater goal in this life. May you always remain a shining light in my life.

Linda Lytell

Elementary School Teacher

Approved  Education  Provider

Jeanette Sealy Yoga Therapy is an accredited IAYT continuing education school for certified Yoga Therapists,
an FSMTB provider for Massage Therapists, and a continuing education provider for Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.

Trauma-informed Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Aromapoint Therapy, Medical Massage, Thai Yoga Massage,  prenatal postpartum, and end-of-life care. Specializing in continuing education for Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, and healthcare providers.

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